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Custom Biometrics Playground

Customised Wealgo face mask. By selectively colouring face regions, users are able to shape their own meeting identity.
images: © Wealgo

Wealgo blends face recognition software with video-meetup spaces. It’s an online gathering of customized biometric avatars driven by face recognition algorithms ... a carnivalesque public playground, where Alter Algos meet.

Wealgo enables you to customise your biometric self and meet other Alter Algo’s. Anonymous yet creating embodied experiences, it invites to playfully operate in the shadow or empowers to reinvent identity. Between face and mask, the biometric self merges former dichotomies and consolidates occupant and cloak, alter and ego, creating real experiences in a magical world.

Customized Face Masks

Wealgo's Mask editor gives full control of the visual aesthetics of a persons' presence. It allows to select face regions and to color them to each liking.

A Mask consists of elements: Dots, Lines & Fills, each of which can be selected and colored individually.

The video shows the process of mask customisation in the Fitting Room.

Playful Group Video Meetings

While it's mesmerizing to play with Wealgo alone, it's even better to play with friends or like minded people you haven't met before.

The Lobby is a room to meet new people, talk with them and enjoy each others company. When you already have a person or group to meet with, meet them in a private room. It's quite relaxing to float for a bit and wander around while you listen to some music in a quite novel community space.

Privat Rooms can be created and joined with friends. Like other video chat services, Rooms in Wealgo are urls.

Cut Bandwidth Pollution

Instead of distributing compressed video streams, WeAlgo streams data points which significantly reduces bandwidth costs and related carbon pollution. HD video conferencing bandwidth requirements run between 2-3 Mbps(up/down)* per user averaging a total of 810MB data per user per call.

Wealgo uses client side scripting to compute landmarks and colors to broadcast data points only averaging a total of 36MB per user per call.

A whopping 95.5% savings ... That's a significant difference.

Novel Technologies Combined

Wealgo uses WebRTC technology. With WebRTC, you can add real-time communication capabilities to your application that works on top of an open standard. It supports video, voice, and generic data to be sent between peers, allowing developers to build powerful voice- and video-communication solutions. The technology is available on all modern browsers as well as on native clients for all major platforms.

The software we develop is available on GitLab and free for anyone to use. We don’t collect or sell data and the IP of the Alter Algo you create is yours.

Backers, Sponsors, Enablers

Wealgo has been sponsored by: Creative Industry Fund and Mondriaan Fund. It's using BRFV5 face recognition technology for generating facial landmarks.

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Wealgo | 2020- ongoing


  • Martine Stig
  • Tomas van der Wansem
  • Roel Noback


  • Concept
  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Product management

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