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Viviane Sassen
Viviane Sassen

Impression of website Covers
images: © Viviane Sassen

Viviane Sassen is one of todays most prolific & iconic photographers, renowned and respected equally for her fine art as for her innovative fashion images. This project focuses on further establishing the artist and her body of fine art work, exhibitions, installations & publications.

Explosive Real-Lize Covers

The site's covers are designed to offer a realtime, spatial, tactile, experience of key pieces of Sassen's work. Large images are cut up in 256x256px, lazyloaded tiles to ensure fast loading.

Together they create an 'infinitely' scrollable, 1:1 view - with all of Sassen's rich, vibrant hallmark detail - unleashed on the visitors eye, before entering the main site.

Authoritative Body of Work

Twenty years of working in both fashion and art photography has earned Sassen a commanding domain position. The site presents an authoratative collection of all of Sassens fine art works, books, installations and more.

A humble, well composed, framework leaves all attention to the works itself.

Authoritative body of work
Authoritative body of work
Authoritative body of work
Authoritative body of work
Authoritative body of work
Authoritative body of work
Authoritative body of work

Impression of works section of site
images: © Viviane Sassen

Palace of Versailles / Visible Invisible

For her recent show at the Palace of Versailles - Visible / Invisible – Viviane created a hypnotic video piece; voiced over by Tilda Swinton. The video, projected on two facing walls inside the space, shows a steady stream of locally photographed, painted over, sculptures and artefacts.

To fascilitate the rough edit of the video, I developed the tool for montage; featuring two easily swappable image repositories – left / right and a setup transporting each image in oposite direction, starting from center screen; thus creating the required Rorschach effect.

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viviane sassen | 2018- ongoing


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