ice cold drinks and a sun bath

Ultra Violet Beach Bar

View of Installation / Bar before public opening.
images: © Maurice Scheltens / KKEP

Opening night of a new exhibition space in Amsterdam. In order to engage the commercial world in her work: KKEP – stef & selene – invited 3 brands to take part in her project. PTT Telecom (Dutch telecom) Philips Lightning (300 UV-tubes) and Carrera (ski-masks) become part of a super bar ‘Ultra GED’ – referring to the sun box; a 2 by 15 meters wall of UV light.

In front of this ‘UV-Beach’ behind the installation of 25 meters empty supermarket display, 25 Asian women were hosting the night : serving drinks to a sun bathing public. The audience were made extra’s in a life-set in which a clip was shot.

Celebrating PTT Internet Center

The night also introduced a new telecoms product: an internet calling card to be used in the novel PTT internet phone boots spread across Amsterdam.

Celebrating PTT Internet Center
Celebrating PTT Internet Center

The novel KKEP Internet Center internet card.
images: © KKEP

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Bagagehal Stichting Kunstwerk Loods 6 | 1997




  • KKEP - Selene & Stef Kolman
  • Nina Folkersma
  • All the lovely hosteses
  • Raimond (video)


  • Concept
  • Fund raising
  • Project Management

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