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Loading 500+ work thumbnails on a giant canvas.
images: © various artists

Thijme&Szafranska, a high end creative retouch and post production studio based in Amsterdam run by two millennials who’s experience with photographic processing goes back to the happy times of dirty darkroom work.

Non-overdosed retouch done with mastery, precision and good taste.

Large Canvas

Large canvas

A mockup showing the design principle of the site. A giant grid matrix containing playfully dispersed work thumbnails. At launch some 500+ works saw the day. A number that keeps growing as the duo produces more works; the canvas keeps expanding as these masters of retouch continue to conquer the world.

0-UX, 0-NAV, 0-BTN, 0-CTA

Thijme & Paulina were adament that no interface elements 'cluttered' their produce. Ruthlessly aiming for a digital savvy audience and risking a potential high drop-off / bounce rate.

None of this materialised, on the contrary. Drop off rates are among the lowest: 15%. Just goes to show: truth is with the ones who dare ;)

0-UX, 0-NAV, 0-BTN, 0-CTA
0-UX, 0-NAV, 0-BTN, 0-CTA
0-UX, 0-NAV, 0-BTN, 0-CTA
0-UX, 0-NAV, 0-BTN, 0-CTA

Zero UX whilst remaining a highly navigable product.
images: © Viviane Sassen for Frank Ocean | blond

Navigate Incredible Work

Over the years, the duo has co-produced some incredible works. The site aims to show these in full, nothing else. The underlying CMS provides easy updating of the portfolio whilst the canvas grows and grows.

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Thijme&Szafranska | 2018


  • Pauline Szafranska
  • Thijme Beukers
  • Diederik Martens


  • strategy
  • concept
  • development

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