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Natural Variation in Arabidopsis Mutants from Wild Type to CRISPR-Crop

Impression of Growth cabinet setup
images: © Selene Kolman

You are looking at (an edited clip) of 8 petri dishes inside a growth cabinet at the greenhouses of Plant Cell Biology at the University of Amsterdam (Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences). A camera on a rail takes images every 20 minutes (day and night) of experiments with Arabidopsis thaliana— a small flowering plant that is widely used as a model organism in plant biology.

Images are immediately transported to the site. The variety in Arabidopsis exhibited — species as they occur in nature, mutant lines and genome-edited plant varieties —, explores the biological roots of the rhizomatous network of concepts defining ‘natural’.

Live Growth Cabinet Viewer

Work titled "Atlas of Arabidopsis", Selene Kolman engages in a visual study, researching scientific gen technologies and Arabidopsis' behavioural modification ability. Arabidopsis - a tiny little plant - is the bioscience 'guiny pig' as it's entire genome has been mapped and freely available.

To study plant growth, scientist use growth cabinets: full climate controled environments. For her visual study, Selene placed an infrared camera inside the cabinet which, on a rail, periodically photographed 7 petri dishes with experiment. Photos were disclosed on a live website and frame animated videos compiled.

A small section of on of those runs can be seen below.

The Setup

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The setup
The setup
The setup
The setup
The setup
The setup

A Viewer to See into the Dark

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Rhizomatique / Selene Kolman | 2017


  • Selene Kolman
  • Christa Testerink
  • Iko Koevoets
  • Gerrit Hardeman


  • Setup design
  • Coaching
  • Visual design
  • Development

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