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ITunes Playlist Dating

ParaPlay is an immersive event at Amsterdam Paradiso showing the social relation between people and their musical preferences. While entering the event, visitors would upload their iTunes playlists and receive a unique number in return.

The suspense of the night is to see which person has the most songs in common with the rest of the audience. DJ Paul plays the top 50 most liked songs and visitors could up-vote a song by sending a text message.

The Setup

The setup
The setup

Graphic showing a function & information flow. To the far left: 1. the user registeres online and uploads his iTunes Playlist through the website. 2. User has his iTunes Playlist read from his iPod upon entering the venue. Middle: User node appears no the big screen when entering the venue. Color and size of the node are sex and popularity (musical preference in common with other users) dependent. Right: users may up-vote a song or another user, increasing it's node size aka popularity.

Taking It to the Screen

A huge screen behind the DJs visualised the preferences; blue circles represented male visitors, red circles female visitors. The bigger your circle, the better your songs matched the taste of other visitors. At the end of the evening the person with most shared songs won an entrance ticket to Paradiso valid till the end of the year.

Taking it to the screen
Taking it to the screen
Taking it to the screen

client | year

paradiso amsterdam | 2016


  • Stef & Selene Kolman - Diederik Martens / Concept & execution
  • Tomas van der Wansem / Back End Development
  • Roel Noback / Flash Development
  • Elwin Zuiderwijk / iOS Development


  • General concept and idea
  • Data flow design, mobile & native OS device integration
  • Creative direction & project management of development team
  • UI & Identity design (logo, web, print)

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