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election time turbulence turned positive

Brothers and Sisters

Impression of animated signatures on KPN tower, Kop van Noord, Rotterdam.
images: © KKEP

Develop dynamic content for the façade of the KPN Tower / Kop van Zuid, Rotterdam, in response to the tumultuous run up to the Dutch elections of 2002, by advertising the cities' rich, culturally-diverse identity by presenting it's populace signatures on the tower.

Rotterdam Proudly Presenting Light

The façade of this architectural icon is covered by a 28 by 57 meters programmable array of 22 by 41 lights, in effect a giant moving billboard. For this campaign we captured the handwritten names to represent them on the facade. Also cctv images where captured & transformed to fit the medium. Each night -running up to the elections - these names & faces were shown, glorifying the true meaning of democracy.

The KPN commissions & curates a mix of commercial messages and cultural expressions, it is an experiment in media intervention in public space

Impression of Namedropping, playing at Dutch national congress election week.

Showing diversity on city Tower

client | year

KPN | 2002


  • Selene & Stef Kolman
  • KKEP


  • concept
  • design
  • development

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