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All That Data is Ratings Gold

Impression of installation at the National Museum of Archaeology | Leiden
images: © © KKEP

To celebrate the opening of a new exhibition wing for the National Museum of Archeology in Leiden, KKEP designed ID_Strip. A continuous, exposition of diverse data streams captured from visitors of the show. Visitors are scanned by a series of technical devices and data directly exhibited as archaeological objects.

Personalised Bar-code Cards

The invitee receives an invitation with a personal bar code card by mail. The hall of the new wing contains a futuristic, orderly set-up of modern scanning equipment, such as a heat camera, infrared, and x-ray scanner. Bar codes on drinks and snacks are scanned and served by specially clad hosts.

Personalised Bar-code cards
Personalised Bar-code cards

Personalised bar-code clip on cards
images: © © KKEP

... and What She is Drinking

On a wall of plasma screens, information about the visitors appears: At what time Mrs. X arrived and what she is drinking, as well as the contents of her x-rayed purse.

The room is dark but an infrared night camera shows who is inside. Thermographic cameras reveal the temperature of the visitors. This constant stream of pictures and information is mixed live by a VJ and forms a common ID_Strip on the plasma screens.

Also the sound of the audience is reproduced. The London based sound artist Scanner (Robin Rimbaud) creates futuristic background music through a live mix of the surrounding sounds.

Heatcam Fashion Wear

To accompany the event a fashion shoot was done by Uzzi-PartB for BLVD Magazine. Heatcams were employed to see beyond the clothing, deeply into the persons within them.

Heatcam fashion wear
Heatcam fashion wear

BLVD editorial spread
images: © © Uzzi-PartB | KKEP

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created for: National Museum of Archaeology (Rijksmuseum van Oudheden), Leiden, The Netherlands commissioned by: Ministry for Housing, Regional Development and the Environment (VROM), Government buildings Agency (Rijksgebouwendienst) | 1999




  • KKEP (Selene & Stef Kolman)
  • Robin Rimbaud (Aka Scanner)
  • Beam Systems
  • All the wonderful people from RMO


  • Concept
  • Strategy
  • Design

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