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Star Soccer Player Branding

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When adidas International approached us to develop a daring second dimension to the adidas ATL campaign that would bring soccer and adidas star soccer players closer to kids during FIFA's EURO2000 to be held in Netherlands and Belgium, we developed an award winning full mobile game environment with a cell phone as 'joystick'.

2G Technology Driven to It's Limits

Want to Play GSM Game played over a period of 3 weeks, during the EURO2000

After the website and the IVR went live, the game was preceded by a teaser campaign of posters &, RTV commercials

Outbound teaser calls where made to warm up the players for the game

Players entered the game by dialing the 0900-GSMGAME number registered for this campaign. A gaming day consisted of:
1. outbound clues. WTP called all players with a sound sample featuring one or more adidas players giving a hint about the question of the day
2. text message. the question which needed to be answered withing 15 mins
3. outbound coachings. an adidas star soccer player calling the WTPlayer he/she did good or bad

2G technology driven to it's limits
2G technology driven to it's limits


WTP was a fully mobile game, the internet played an important part in the visualization of characters, goodies, score & more


TV Commercials

WTP was advertised in simple, 10 sec teaser commercials, communicating primarily the games' subscription number

tvc 1 | tvc2 | tvc3

TV commercials

Outbound Audio Calls

The core of the game where a series of sound fragments delivered by the top adidas players: Zidane, Del Piero, Kluivert & Beckham. Listen to some of the outbound clues and the final winner

teaser call | clue 1 | clue 2 | winner

Outbound audio calls
Outbound audio calls
Outbound audio calls

Awards & Accomplishments

Want to Play won the gold 'best sponsorship advertisement' during AdTECH 2001.

Awards & accomplishments

client | year

adidas International B.V. | 2000




  • KKEP (Stef & Selene Kolman) Idea Holder, Project Management
  • Telfort (NL) Telecommunications
  • Maxe (NL) Interactive Voice Response Systems
  • Human-I (NL) Flash & Back end development


  • Concept, strategy & creation
  • Customer relations, media and Adidas soccer players interview scripting / recording
  • Creative direction, UI design lead, management of cross disciplined team
  • Driving the cross-platform (mobile, desktop & VR) development, owning the product roadmap, maintaining the product backlog
  • Managing gameplay and players community

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